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Questions worth asking potential divorce mediators

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | Divorce

Getting a divorce tends to be a sticky situation. One hopes that the relationship between partners is not entirely degraded. When this is the case, it remains possible to complete the process through mediation. Such a path forward makes a preferable alternative to a full-blown divorce trial.

One key to smooth and effective divorce mediation is finding the right professional. Direct questions are essential in determining whether someone will perform a proper job.

What is your mediation style?

Divorce mediators have unique approaches. Some allow each party to hash out details of the split without much input. Others prefer to micromanage and maintain control over every element of negotiations. A certain percentage of clients appreciate their explicit suggestions, whereas others do not. Matching an attorney with client expectations is paramount.

Are you willing to meet with each person privately?

Particular mediators believe everyone being in the same room delivers superior results. Others favor acting as a go-between and communicating with clients in confidence. Wisdom suggests that those who cannot stand to be in the same room as their soon-to-be ex need the latter.

How much do you charge?

Knowing what it costs to hire a mediator eases the financial struggle of divorce. Untangling a marriage comes with complex financial matters. These include asset division and estate planning concerns that often drain bank accounts. Mediation is a simple expense for which one can prepare without exceptional hassle.

Finding a suitable divorce mediator boosts the odds of an amicable parting. Informed inquiries ought to shed light on whether hiring someone makes optimal sense.

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