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Public marriage ends in contentious divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Divorce

Some Ohio married couples go through a lot together and then decide things are just not working. Getting a divorce seems to be the only option for both to have peace of mind and hope for the future. A popular news anchor and her husband have filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage.

The couple gained popularity in her viewing area over six years ago when they allowed viewers to follow their very personal journey that led to the birth of their triplets. Since their two sons and daughter were born, however, their marriage has come to an end. He filed first, requesting temporary spousal support and help with the monthly bills, as he claims she makes five times his own salary.

Her countersuit also requests spousal support, stating her husband has forged her signature for relocation of some of her assets as well as to get a loan, an attempt that did not work. She wants the court to decide how their assets should be divided but states all the debt incurred is his and she would like it to remain in his name alone. Although they are still living together in the same house for the sake of their children, she has removed all pictures that include him and he would like them returned to their places to avoid more stress for the children.

When a divorce is imminent, there are many decisions to be made, as in this case. It can be difficult to organize thoughts, documents, schedules and other necessary factors when preparing to go to court. An Ohio family law attorney can take the burden off a client, leaving him or her to focus on personal well-being and the best interests of any children involved during such a distressing season.

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