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Wife looking to have prenup thrown out in divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Divorce

Money issues are said to be among the top reasons Ohio couples end their marriage. Many couples fight about money while they are married and they continue the fight after the divorce. Former NBA star Kevin Garnett and his wife, Brandi are fighting about prenuptial agreement details as they go through their divorce.

The couple married in 2004 but Brandi filed for divorce last year. They have two daughters, for which she is seeking physical custody. She claims Garnett has not kept to the provisions of the prenup and questions the legality of the document as a result. According to her, she would get no spousal support but an initial payment of $500,000 to $1 million and then half of an account that was supposed to total $12 million. As there is nothing in that account, she believes Garnett violated the agreement.

Brandi says Garnett has received several million dollars since she filed for divorce and would like a judge to rule not only on the prenup, but also on the division of assets, taking into the consideration the worth of Garnett at this present time. Garnett claims they already have an agreement in place for temporary support payments of $100,000 each month and believes Brandi will get more than her fair share should the prenup be nullified. There was no indication from a report on the matter when a judge will make a decision.

Money does not always present a problem to every Ohio couple, but the bitterness of divorce often brings out challenges never before seen. Utilizing the services of an experienced attorney is always a good idea, even when divorcing couples seem to agree on everything. Should future problems arise, it is best to have legal boundaries set for protection of assets.

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