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Money issues at the center of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Divorce

People have fought over money ever since it was invented. An Ohio divorce is often no different. Fighting over asset and debt division, spousal support and child support amounts can bring out the worst in two people who may have seemingly already reached the point of hostility. The wife of an elevator company CEO is said to be dragging out the divorce between the couple so that it is lasting longer than their 14-month marriage.

The two were married in November 2015 but decided to end things just over a year later. The wife has accused her husband of illegal drug use, physical abuse and cheating, not only in their marriage but with his business dealings as well. She says she wants the $2,425 monthly spousal support payments to continue as well as an increase in the child support amount of nearly $1,700 each month she receives for their 2-year-old daughter.

The husband denies her accusations against him and has requested to end the spousal support. Her attorney, the 10th one she has hired for this case, is late in filing the papers required to oppose suspending the payments but claims it is because both parties have not completed exchanging financial information. However, the wife has been late in filing other paperwork since the divorce proceedings began. The judge has ruled to dismiss the opposition but has not made a decision in the matter of the support amounts.

It is easy to try and exact revenge brought on by anger and hurt feelings as the financial issues of a divorce are being resolved. Representing oneself in court could spell disaster for someone focused only on retaliation. An experienced Ohio attorney can be the level head needed when bringing a case before a judge by ensuring complete and proper documentation is included in the filing.

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