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Child custody of baby found in dumpster granted to father

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Child Custody

Some Ohio parents seeking custody of a child know what an uphill battle it can be. The child custody battle well worth fighting, however, sometimes ends happily for the parent who gives it his or her all. One father’s quest for child custody has come to fruition after a harrowing beginning.

Only two months ago a woman gave birth to a little girl. Police say she then proceeded to put the baby in a trash bag and put the trash bag in a dumpster filled with garbage. Maintenance workers found the baby after hearing her cry and rescued her from her filthy surroundings. The mother was identified through a receipt in the dumpster.

The baby’s father said he was not aware of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. A report did not disclose how he found out about the child, but for the past month he has been trying to get custody of the baby. DNA testing revealed their relation and she was placed in her father’s care. The mother has been charged with attempted murder, an accusation which she denies.

Not all child custody battles end this quickly or easily. Some parents use custody disputes as power battles, disregarding the best interest of the child and only considering what will hurt the other parent the most. Some courts feel a child is almost always better in the custody of the mother, not giving the father a chance to be heard. Ohio parents going through a nasty controversy with an ex will want to talk to an attorney who has the experience needed for meaningful representation in court.

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