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What should you bring when you meet your divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Just thinking about divorce can cause an increase in blood pressure for some people. It is common for someone in a struggling marriage to put off addressing issues until they are so overwhelming that they simply cannot get ignored anymore. However, even the most patient person has their breaking point.

If you have reached a point where divorce is no longer a theoretical concept and more an imminent reality, talking with an divorce attorney is probably a good next step to take. Your attorney can help you understand your rights as a married person in Ohio, prepare a divorce strategy and determine what the best case scenario would be for you.

Given what a critical role your attorney will play in both your divorce and your future, you want to start things out on a positive note. Arriving properly prepared to your first appointment can help you feel confident about starting out on this new chapter of your life.

Bring all the important legal documents from your marriage

The progress of your life is, in some ways, reflected through the legal paperwork that you obtain. From the deed to your house to the birth certificate for your children, official documents record the most important moments for many families.

In addition to birth records, property records and marriage licenses, you should bring any pertinent contracts between you and your spouse. Any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements you executed before or during your marriage could play a role in the upcoming divorce. Your attorney will want to look over all of these documents to understand the circumstances of your family.

Accurate and thorough financial records are of great importance

One of the reasons you probably want to talk with a divorce attorney is to understand what your future will hold when you end your marriage. An attorney can help you by explaining how Ohio law handles everything from dividing up your marital home to the custody of your children.

In order to provide accurate information about the asset division process, your lawyer needs to know what assets and debts you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. They can help you fight for a fair split or even track down hidden assets.

Any documentation that you feel is of significant importance

Perhaps you have a paper trail that proves that your spouse cheated on you. Maybe there is documentation of physical or emotional abuse to you or your children. If you have other paperwork or evidence that you feel could play a role in the divorce proceedings, it is smart to present that information to your attorney and have them evaluate its potential value.

The better informed your attorney is about your family, the better job they can do at guiding you toward a successful strategy.

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