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Jail sentence imposed after defiance of divorce order

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Divorce

When an Ohio marriage ends both parties have final decisions to make as a couple, especially if children are involved. When they cannot agree on those decisions as they head to divorce court, the judge often gives emphatic direction that will settle the matters at hand. A doctor who has continually defied a ruling made by the judge in his divorce case has been ordered to spend 30 days of jail time.

The doctor was instructed two years ago to purchase a life insurance policy that would pay $500,000 to his ex-wife and their children in the event of his death. Not only did he refuse to obtain a policy in that amount, he let a $300,000 policy that he did have lapse because he did not feel he needed to keep it, as it was not of the amount the judge ordered. He also told the court because of his age and the condition of his health, he was not able to get a policy in the amount of the order. However, he could not produce proof of his attempts and subsequent refusals. It was suggested he might have been able to get an additional $200,000 had he kept his original policy but there seemed to be no effort on his part to do even that much.

It did not go unnoticed by the court during the divorce proceeding that the doctor was intentionally drawing less income than before, as well as increasing his expenditures in an effort to manipulate his financial position. He will now be required to spend the month behind bars. Should he continue to refuse the mandate, he will be remanded to spend more time in jail.

No matter how much two exes did not get along, any orders made by the court in their divorce proceedings should be fulfilled in a timely manner. There are cases when a compromise can be reached but a flat out refusal never sits well with the court. Ohio residents who are facing compliance problems from an ex will want to speak to an attorney who has experience in negotiations with difficult individuals.

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