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Reality show wife files for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Divorce

Many Ohio residents personally know that a good number of marriages do not last. The reasons for divorce may vary from household to household, but the effect is often the same — broken hearts alongside anger, bitterness and frustration. Two of the stars of Animal Planet’s reality series “Tanked” are getting a divorce after an alleged domestic abuse incident.

Just two months after a social media New Year’s post about their loving, romantic relationship, Heather King filed for divorce from her husband, Wayde. He accused her of slapping him in the face, kicking him in the stomach two times and driving away in her vehicle while he was hanging out of the window. Police arrested her and charged her with misdemeanor domestic violence, but she was released later that day. She confessed to slapping her husband but says he was not in the window of her car as she drove away.

Heather has since filed for divorce and is seeking temporary spousal support for herself, as well as monthly child support and health insurance coverage for their two daughters. While she wants primary custody of the girls, she is not opposed to sharing legal custody with Wayde. He is a co-owner and she is the accountant for the fish tank business upon which the reality show is based.

Divorce is never easy, but for those in the public eye, it can be worse when every detail is released seemingly to the world, and numerous unknown “fans” share their opinion, wanted or not. Whether personal business is broadcast to many or is kept between a few, decisions concerning finances, child custody and other details will have to be made. An Ohio attorney is the unbiased third party who can give advice that aligns with the laws of the state.

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