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Child custody case pits mother against son

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Child Custody

Bringing a child into the world means taking responsibility for someone who cannot care for him or herself, and it is usually a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, the focus for some parents remains on themselves, leaving others to do what they choose to forgo, which is to raise the child to be a productive member of society. More and more grandparents are now seeking child custody for grandchildren the parents cannot or will not raise themselves. Ohio parents may be interested in the case of a grandmother in her fearless child custody fight for her granddaughter.

The woman had never seen her granddaughter until her son called, requesting her help after being arrested for a fight he had with the child’s mother. Just looking at the child, the grandmother could tell she had been physically abused. When she took the child to a doctor, x-rays revealed past injuries, some that had not properly healed, and the child’s weight was far below what it should have been for her age of eight months. The grandmother sent reports of the child’s condition to police and the Division of Family and Children Services, seeking help for the child.

The child’s mother attempted to take her from the grandmother, bringing police officers as enforcement. However, the grandmother stood her ground and told the responding police to check into the situation for the recent reports she had filed. Both parents were soon arrested and charged with child cruelty. While the woman believes her son did not physically harm the child, she does blame him for allowing the abuse to happen. The grandmother has been granted temporary custody of the girl and has begun her pursuit of permanent custody.

Each child deserves to be raised in a loving home. In most cases, the child is born into such a home; however, other arrangements have to be made in order for the child to feel secure sometimes. A skilled Ohio family law attorney can be just what any parent, relative or prospective adoptive parent needs in the fight for child custody.

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