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Past of father fighting for child custody may be obstacle

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Child Custody

There are a number of adults in Ohio fighting to be named the custodial parent of their child. Fighting for child custody is often not an easy undertaking, especially if the other parent is exceptionally opposed to the notion. Sometimes, it is not the other parent but a state agency or another relative of the child who has a differing opinion on permanent placement. One father is not only fighting for child custody of his newborn daughter but he is also fighting a past that may threaten his case.

The mother of the infant gave birth just a few days before Christmas. However, she is now in jail and anticipating the trial where a jury will be determining her fate in the murder of her young son. The father of both children now wants his daughter placed with him. One of the biggest obstacles is the question of abuse to the mother before they chose to separate, resulting in the 2-year-old boy being placed temporarily in foster care. They were not together when the boy died.

The state welfare agency may decide the father’s care is no place for his daughter and could request a petition for shelter from the judge in the case. The girl could go to a court-approved family member or into a foster situation. There has also been some legal adoptive action on the part of an unknown couple, filed before the baby was born. The mother has stated she wants the girl placed with the father.

Not all child custody cases are so complicated, but each has its own set of problems. Some may be easily solved, and others may take time and require a little more effort to reach a mutual agreement. No matter the level of difficulty, it is wise to utilize the services of an Ohio attorney to ensure a complete and thorough argument is presented to the court.

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