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More money, fewer problems in divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Divorce

For Ohio couples who have chosen to end their marriage, division of money and other assets is often the biggest point of contention. When it comes to any type of financial support during many divorce proceedings, there can be some explosive conflicts. However, it has been suggested that the more money involved in divorce proceedings, the better for the exes.

With the divorce of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie headlining the news, a recent report offers the opinion that large amounts of money accumulated during a marriage may be the key to a friendlier divorce. Bezos is reportedly worth $137 billion and MacKenzie will be more than stable financially once they are no longer husband and wife. They say they want to remain friends from here on out.

The report states that divorce attorneys claim money can be the salve that heals the wounds that cause a divorce. It gave a few extremely financially-healthy examples in addition to the Bezos’ who, at least to the public arena, have chosen to get along. Some experts say the more money a person has, the less parting with a little of it hurts. These people spend what they have to in order to be able to make more as they move past the divorce.

Most couples do not have millions of dollars over which they can negotiate during divorce proceedings. To many, each dollar is precious and fair division can be vital to one or both parties. An Ohio attorney will work on the behalf of the client to achieve a favorable settlement or get an equitable decision from the court.

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