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CEO files for divorce from wife

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Divorce

It can be hard for an Ohio couple to divide assets under any circumstances. However, when the couple has amassed a fortune at some point, the divisions in a divorce can get complicated. Talent agent and co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, Ari Emanuel, and his wife, Sarah Addington, have some issues to sort out concerning their divorce.

Emanuel just recently filed for divorce, and on the surface, it looks like he would have to split his massive fortune with Addington. In 2016, a $4 billion acquisition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise set the stage for tremendous personal wealth through the assets generated by the UFC. In his divorce petition, Emanuel asked that any money he earned after the couple separated to be excluded from the capital they shared.

Although the filing was recent, the separation has been listed as September 2014. Should the court grant Emanuel’s request, Addington would have no claim in any UFC-related fortune. A report claims there are no acrimonious feelings between them, and they both agree she will receive some form of spousal support. They have three sons, but only one is a minor, and they both would like joint custody of him.

Even under the friendliest of conditions, there can be some stress when attempting to divide assets and parental responsibilities. A timeline of events is not the only detail of a divorce that may be important. An Ohio attorney can help a person understand more of what information is significant when presenting a petition before the court.

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