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Television producer and wife split millions in divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Divorce

“More money, more problems” is a saying many Ohio residents may have heard before. When going through a divorce, this saying just may be the truth. When a couple has fewer assets and liabilities, it may not seem nearly as tough to agree on a satisfactory division as when assets are held in abundance. Producer Steve Levitan and wife Krista accumulated millions during the length of their marriage and have finally settled on how those assets will be distributed now that their divorce is final.

Although Levitan may not be a household name, fastidious television comedy devotees may recognize him as the producer and creator of several popular shows over the years. After 23 years of marriage and three children, Krista filed for divorce in 2016. A report at the time claimed there was no prenuptial agreement between the two. She also accused him at one time of assault and requested a restraining order against him. A judge rejected the motion.

Krista will not be taking Levitan for all he is worth, which is a considerable amount. Just one of the houses they own is valued at $40 million, and they will be splitting the profits when it sells. In addition, they have joint bank accounts, other real estate and a number of vehicles to divide between them. At the moment, Krista earns $4 million from various projects, and Levitan will not have to pay spousal support as long as that income continues. A recent report did not mention if either parent will pay child support.

Whether a couple has a lot of money, a little money or somewhere in between, problems can arise when they do not take time to consult an attorney for assistance in a divorce case. Many situations have specific elements requiring the advise an attorney can provide before the divorce is finalized. As the laws differ in each state, Ohio residents should find a lawyer who will convey the needed information in a timely manner.

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