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Divorce filing by wife of infomercial celebrity

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Divorce

The ending of a marriage may bring joy to some Ohio couples but extreme heartache to others. While one future ex is anticipating the excitement of a new life after a divorce, another may be wondering how to handle life as a mostly single parent. Will there be spousal support, and will the needed child support come as promised each month? Offer Shlomi, or Vince Offer professionally, and his wife, Melody Barney, are getting a divorce.

Although the name may not be one consumers recognize, the face is familiar to some, as Offer hawked several goods via infomercial, the ShamWow being one of them. A report stated that the two were married in 2014 after dating nearly two years. Offer has mentioned that he was quite the partier years ago, but a legal incident in 2009 forced him to take a look at his life. He chose to be more responsible going forward.

Barney was the first one to file after separating from Offer less than a week before. The official justification for her action was recorded as irreconcilable differences. Barney is seeking not only spousal support of an unmentioned sum but also of legal and physical custody of their daughter, 4 years of age. She is amenable to Offer spending a reasonable amount of time in visitation with the girl.

Even though a divorce may be mutual, there may still be some obstacles to overcome in the process. In most cases, both parties will not be in complete agreement about every issue. The employment of an Ohio attorney will help when attempting to resolve a difference of assessment.

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