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Married woman discovers divorce was never granted

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Divorce

When an Ohio marriage ends, often one or both spouses already have a plan in place as to how they will move ahead with their lives. Some people may have another future partner waiting on them, and others may want time to themselves after an exhausting divorce. One lady knew just what she was going to do after her divorce but later found things were more complicated than she originally thought.

Although the woman was married, she had fallen in love with someone else and had filed for divorce from her husband. Just days after she was told by her attorney’s assistant the divorce was final, she married again. Nearly three years later she found out her divorce was never granted, which meant her second marriage was not legally valid. The woman was so devastated she was hospitalized for a time.

The two have initiated a lawsuit against the attorney she had hired to handle her divorce. They have not filed yet, as they are hoping he will settle for $100,000. The attorney has filed his own lawsuit against the couple, claiming extortion. He also claims the woman was not initially granted a divorce because she had not fulfilled a court requirement. Even though he eventually provided proof of her compliance, the court still would not grant the divorce, and he said he discontinued their professional relationship, hinting that there was some contention between them at the time.

According to information in the attorney’s lawsuit, it was the error of a court clerk that led his assistant to believe the divorce had been finalized. The couple claims he should have confirmed the information with the court before allowing his assistant to contact them. They have now separated, as they have been under stress from financial issues and the emotional toll this revelation has caused.

It can be devastating to find out the life a person is living is not what was contemplated, through no fault of his or her own. Because a divorce can be complex, it is best to double-check any information to prevent something like this from happening. There are many attorneys in Ohio, who have earned the trust of former clients, who will be able to help those facing an unusual predicament.

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