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Lisa Osborne files for divorce from husband Jack

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Divorce

Although the intention for most Ohio spouses is for their marriages to last until death parts them, that is not always what happens. There are spouses who try everything reasonably possible to keep a marriage on track who ultimately decide the best course of action is to divorce. Jack Osborne and his wife, Lisa, have decided to divorce after six years together and three children.

Only three months after giving birth to their third child, Lisa filed for divorce. Osborne took to social media to explain they felt they had done all they could during the length of their marriage to keep it going. While they are intending to remain friends, the couple feels it is best for not only them, but their children that they end it.

They are committed to sharing custody, both legal and physical, of their children with similar visitation schedules. Child support was not mentioned in a report on the breakup but Lisa is requesting an unspecified amount of spousal support and would like Osborne to pay her legal fees. As for the two houses the couple purchased during their marriage, each will get one as a part of the settlement.

Depending on the total assets and liabilities accrued during the marriage, there can be a number of decisions that need to be made by both parties as they go through the process of divorce. It can be an overwhelming task with needed assistance by a knowledgeable party. An Ohio attorney can ensure the legalities of reaching a settlement goes as efficiently as possible during such a chaotic phase.

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