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Father keeps children from foster system in child custody gain

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Most news stories pertaining to child custody focus on the court giving primary or sole custody to the mother, leaving the father with a few days of visitation and providing financial support. That is changing, however, as more fathers are seeking full custody of their children for any number of reasons. Ohio parents might be interested in the child custody journey of one single father.

Although relationship details were not given, a report on the events stated the father received a call from child services while he was at work one day. The caseworker told him that his ex, with whom he had had five children, was not mentally able to care for their children and had left them home alone. He was told the children would be placed in foster care, separated by gender.

The father and his siblings had grown up in the foster care system, and so he was determined to keep his children from a similar fate. It took several court appearances, but the judge finally granted the father custody of all of his children. He had to quit one of his two jobs, which has made the family’s financial circumstances tight, but he has been able to move into a suitable house that meets their needs. He is overjoyed to keep his focus on raising his children.

The tenacity of this man is found in so many other men who are in a child custody battle with an ex and, sometimes, the court. While it may take multiple court appearances, the end result is more than worth the fight. Ohio fathers who need legal representation in court should contact an attorney who has experience fighting comparable battles.

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