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Legal fees in wealthy couple’s divorce are astronomical

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Divorce

Divorcing Ohio couples often have numerous decisions to make when they divorce. Child custody and support, the division of debts and assets as well as legal fees are just a few points that need to be clarified when settling on the terms of a divorce. One man has been ordered to pay a staggering amount to his wife for her legal fees.

The husband must fork over $4.1 million so his wife’s attorneys can figure out who gets what from a $150 million trust. The complicated holdings will need professional consultants who have experience dealing with the various transactions such enormous resources require. According to the wife’s attorney, the husband is putting up a fight regarding every issue that they are attempting to resolve.

The original divorce filing was three years ago, but it has been difficult for both sides to agree to a resolution. They have been living in separate residences since 2015. Although the wife was employed by a vendor of art and antiquities before she married, she gave up her career to raise their three children and has had no means of earning a living since. A report on the divorce gave no other financial details relating to child support and alimony.

Most couples facing a divorce do not have the financial resources this couple has. However, the process of marriage dissolution can be complex for anyone, no matter the fiscal value attached. Whether a client has a chaotic situation or one with no complications, an Ohio attorney can help in making the decisions that must be made during this time.

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