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Wife of Stone Temple Pilot guitarist wants a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Divorce

Of the numerous reasons an Ohio couple may feel a divorce is necessary, domestic violence is the scariest. Walking on eggshells around someone who could erupt in anger at any minute is emotionally exhausting. If children are in the picture it is even more vital to find a way out of the situation. The wife of Dean DeLeo, guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots has filed for divorce, claiming she is afraid for not only her life, but that of her daughter as well.

Jenn DeLeo says the abuse began six years ago, not too long after they were married. She claims the abuse stems from his excessive use of drugs and alcohol. During his bouts of inebriation, she says he has nearly allowed their young daughter to drown in the ocean, he abuses his son from a previous marriage and he has tried to strangle Jenn multiple times.

Ms. DeLeo further claims her husband has threatened to have someone kill his ex-wife, which is what concerns her for her own life. Just before the holidays at the end of last year she said she tried to talk to him about affairs he had been having but he assaulted her. She later wished she had pressed charges against him, something she decided not to do because it would put a damper on their family’s holiday season. She says he has told her that if she left him, he would kill himself.

There are resources available for men and women who have suffered abuse at the hand of someone they love. Many times they will also need legal help. An Ohio attorney can help a client understand the state laws established to help those who find themselves in an abusive relationship. Should a marriage relationship not survive the situation, the attorney will also be a source of support and ongoing assistance in divorce proceedings.

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