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“Southern Charm” star requesting sole child custody

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Child Custody

There are numerous reasons an Ohio parent may seek sole child custody over the other parent. There may be cases of physical or emotional abuse, lifestyle choices of one parent that may cause harm to the child or even revenge. Kathryn Dennis, cast member of Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” is seeking sole child custody of the two children she has with ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel was granted full custody of both children, ages 4 and 2, in 2016, when Dennis failed a drug test. In addition, she had to pay him child support each month in the amount of $100. However, the two have an upcoming court appearance, during which Dennis plans to request that full custody of both children be transferred to her and that Ravenel be ordered to pay her, the custodial parent, a fair amount of child support.

Dennis feels she has a good chance of winning her case if she decides to bring up the issue of several sexual assault allegations against Ravenel. An ex-girlfriend, a former nanny and another woman all say they were victims of attacks by him. A report stated that he may have paid $200,000 to one of the women in an effort to settle her case and keep her quiet.

No matter the reason for requesting sole custody, the main focus should be the children and what is best for them. When two parents cannot agree, they will need legal assistance when presenting their case for a court’s decision. An Ohio attorney experienced in child custody negotiations can provide the representation a parent will need when making his or her claim.

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