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Forgery allegations during divorce lands man in hot water

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Divorce

Ohio residents may know of people who have tried some outrageous stunts when going through a divorce. Hiding assets so they will not be considered in property division, cutting off the money supply to the future ex and false accusations of abuse and adultery are just some of the dirty tricks that have been used by spouses wanting out of their marriages. One attorney has been suspended from practicing law in his home state because of some information revealed during divorce proceedings from his wife.

The Referee report from the Supreme Court in the man’s state of residence claims he knew the papers for a loan modification on their house had been forged with his ex-wife’s signature. The report did not specifically name him as the person who actually falsified the document, however. In several places, the report also expressed doubt as to the reliability of his testimony on the subject.

As part of the divorce agreement, there were several stipulations concerning the house the man and his ex-wife shared. He violated one of them by moving into the house with his second wife. This disregarding of court orders by anyone would be serious, but it was even more so because the defiant individual was himself an attorney. His suspension began near the end of last month.

No one wins when unscrupulous actions pervade divorce proceedings, most especially when children are involved. Although much easier to say than to do, an attitude of compromise is needed by both parties when developing a settlement that is as fair as possible to each. A competent attorney can explain the divorce laws of Ohio and ensure the agreement is ready to present to the court.

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