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Jury decides child custody arrangement for little girl

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Child Custody

When Ohio parents are going through a divorce, they have to make a number of decisions. Not only do they have to decide on how to fairly divide assets held between them, they also have to determine child custody and support conditions. An ongoing child custody battle is finally over thanks to the verdict of a jury.

The subject of the custody battle is a 4-year-old girl. Each parent has accused the other of abuse, the father of inappropriate touching and the mother of manipulation. The mother, in desperation and in disobedience of a court order, ran with the girl and hid her for over a week, refusing to return the girl to her father.

A three-year battle ensued before a jury in a highly publicized trial. After the jury heard testimony and saw all the evidence, they finally awarded managing custody to the little girl’s father. Afterward, he said the ruling was progress in the fight for all fathers seeking to be awarded custody of their children. A private investigator hired by the father is convinced the girl’s mother has mental issues for which she needs help.

Many child custody battles do require a jury trial with witness testimonies and evidence gained from various sources. Whether the dispute goes this far or the situation is handled with a simple agreement between the parents, having an attorney to protect one’s rights and ensure all laws are upheld is essential. A family law attorney will be able to guide a client according to the regulations set by the state of Ohio.

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