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Child custody win in divorce for Keshia Knight Pulliam

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2018 | Divorce

Child custody disputes in Ohio can get really ugly, depending on the circumstances surrounding the reason for the parents parting ways. When there is great animosity between the parents, it is often hard to put those feelings aside when trying to reach an agreement on terms of custody. Fans of The Cosby Show will remember Keshia Knight Pulliam as Rudy, now a mother herself, who has just recently finalized her divorce with her ex-husband.

After only a one-day engagement, Pulliam and retired NFL player Ed Hartwell were married on New Year’s Day 2016. They had not even been married eight months when he filed for divorce. Just a few months later Pulliam gave birth to a baby girl. Because of Pulliam’s claims that not only did Hartwell cheat on her but was malicious in his treatment of her, the divorce has finally been granted and Pulliam will have full custody of the girl with Hartwell getting visitation and paying monthly child support of $3,000.

The divorce trial exposed some things about Hartwell, including the fact that he is already living with another woman and that the two of them are expecting a child. Hartwell is also taking medications for an undisclosed ailment, and it was asserted that the drugs may alter his thought processes when making decisions about his daughter. The ex-spouses fought over what the little girl’s last name would be, and in the end, they each conceded to incorporate the last names of both parents separated by a hyphen.

Some couples in Ohio are able to agree with nearly every point of a child custody arrangement.  However, there are others who need help when determining the terms of not only a custody plan but also of financial support in a divorce. For any parent who requires assistance, an experienced attorney will help a client make the difficult decisions that impact the welfare of the child involved.

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