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Convicted senator’s wife wants a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Divorce

While most Ohio divorces hold some level of contention, the specific reasons for the split may increase the hostility. While many couples cite irreconcilable differences in their filing, others are more detailed about why they want to divorce. The wife of Senator Carlos Uresti has filed for divorce after his conviction for fraud.

The two have been married just shy of six years, but Mrs. Uresti says her husband had an affair with a woman who invested in his oilfield operation. The woman in question has testified that a business association with Uresti began when he became her advisor on legal and financial matters, but it later developed into a physical relationship. Uresti claims the woman was indeed an investor, but the affair never happened.

Mrs. Uresti has a legal request that her husband not extend any type of communication toward her nor that he be allowed in one of the properties they jointly own. In addition, she wants him to pay for all attorney fees and related expenses. Because she holds him responsible for the breakup of their marriage, she is also seeking a sizable amount in the division of their overall property.

Whether the material value of a marriage is small or great, there may be numerous variables that can make the division of those assets tricky. Using the services of a divorce attorney will aid a client in getting a fair portion of possessions. An Ohio attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the state’s divorce laws can be a valuable tool in the claims of a client.

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