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Father fights child custody ruling from overseas

Members of the U.S. military have a tremendous responsibility in safekeeping the interests of the nation. Those stationed in Ohio know when they have personal problems, such as child custody issues, it can make their job even harder. While he is on deployment to Afghanistan, a soldier is attempting to have the recent child custody ruling by a judge overturned.

The soldier and his current wife have had custody of the 11-year-old boy since he was 2 years old, due to problems in the child’s mother’s past. Just before Christmas, however, a judge gave temporary custody of the boy to the biological mother until the father returns from deployment. The father is using social media as one tool in his fight to get his son back to the home he knows.

The father’s attorney is expected to appeal the judge’s ruling to the Supreme Court. The attorney will use the argument that the judge failed to recognize a law set in that state that allows members in military service to choose a temporary custodian during the time of deployment. The boy’s stepmother would be an acceptable choice, giving him the opportunity to remain around family and friends with whom he is most comfortable.

Military member or not, fighting for child custody can be an overwhelming challenge. It can be of great value and comfort to have an experienced attorney fighting alongside. Ohio parents who feel they are at their wit’s end will want someone who will help guide them as they seek to do what is best for their child.

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