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Dwight Howard’s ex wants set child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | Child Custody

Establishing child custody arrangements between Ohio exes does not often happen without at least a slight element of anxiety. Any number of variables for either side can come into play when trying to reach an acceptable plan of action. Melissa Rios, the ex-girlfriend of Dwight Howard, player for the Charlotte Hornets NBA team, has initiated her own child custody plan for their son.

Rios wants full legal and physical custody of the 4-year-old boy and claims Howard only spends a little over a month each year with the child because of the demands of being a basketball star. She says she has been his sole caregiver since the day he was born. She furthermore contends she is the parent who makes the necessary daily decisions about his education and general well-being.

Other sources, however, claim Howard spends the whole of the few months of his off-season with the boy and is the parent the child needs when Howard can be with him. Should the judge give Rios her demands, Howard will possibly be paying a generous amount of child support, as he is currently under contract for $23 million each year. Howard already pays tuition and any medical expenses the boy incurs.

The judge will take into consideration the arguments of both parents; however he or she will ultimately base the ruling on what is best for the boy, based upon applicable law. A priority for a parent in a child custody case is to find an attorney who will best represent the interests of the child. An Ohio attorney experienced in family law can guide a client when defining a fair agreement.

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