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Frustrations for father in child custody battle

It may sometimes appear an Ohio parent can do all he or she is able, but it is still not enough to win a child custody battle. Such seems to be in the case of a father trying to regain custody of his two children. He is not only having problems complying with the orders of the chancery judge presiding over his case, but he is now also going up against his own sister in the ensuing child custody battle.

The father gained full custody of his children just over a year ago, with orders from the judge to begin family counseling sessions with a particular doctor. According to the father, that doctor was not one that his insurance would cover, and the judge would not consent to him using a doctor in his plan. Furthermore, he was expected to pay the doctor’s fee of $6,000 in cash. When he could not come up with the full amount, the children were taken from him and temporarily given to his sister, to whom he was then ordered to pay child support. The doctor he had been ordered to see died a few months later.

The father was then given seven days to pay another $5,000 for a new guardian ad litem after his former one quit. Even though he came up with the money, he says the judge would not schedule him for a new hearing. He did fail two random drug tests, reportedly because of prescription drugs he was taking for an undisclosed condition. He had a drug problem several years ago but spent time in rehab and has not had problems since, but his attorney says the judge has given no specific reason for not granting his client another hearing.

During a contentious child custody battle, there may be setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstructions. It can be easy for parents and others to fight each other without considering how the child will be affected. However, a family law attorney who is familiar with the laws specific to Ohio can help a client gain the proper perspective and focus efforts on achieving an acceptable outcome.

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