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Blake Griffin and ex in fight for child custody

Some Ohio divorced couples know that two parents fighting for child custody can get ugly. Such seems to be the case between Blake Griffin and the mother of his two children, Brynn Cameron. The two were never married and broke up several months ago after Griffin began dating Kendall Jenner. Both Griffin and Ms. Cameron have made legal moves in the child custody chess game.

Griffin is an NBA player currently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. His current contract is for five years with a payout of $173 million. He is requesting the court to determine child support and custody and has begun the process of legal paternity establishment to that end.

A report on the situation says Ms. Cameron filed her own papers just to make sure her children are not financially forgotten. She is agreeing to joint custody with Griffin, but she wants him to pay child support. Should the court rule in her favor, she would get a nice sum that will enable her to give their children a comfortable life, as child support is based on income. It is projected that Griffin will protest an amount he feels is too large.

The court takes into consideration several factors before a decision is made in a child custody case. At the center of every case, however, is the best interest of the child. Each state has its own criteria and each custody case is different, so the advice of an attorney with regards to the laws of Ohio is paramount when determining a custody and support arrangement.

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