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Newly-released development in Jolie-Pitt divorce agreement

Ohio celebrity fans read all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s impending divorce when the news was broken over a year ago. They may have even read several accounts of their divorce settlement. What they may not yet know, however, is Jolie has turned down the numerous financial offers Pitt has made since the two split after their nearly 11-year relationship.

Pitt says his motivation in his persistence is in aid to their children. They have come to expect a particular lifestyle, and he wants to ensure it is maintained. The security protection alone for their six children is over $1 million each year, and he wants to continue to provide that. He also wishes to make sure Jolie has no financial worries as she pursues her humanitarian endeavors.

A report on the situation claims Pitt wants to give her at least half of his $250 million fortune even though the two signed a prenuptial agreement before they married. While he does not consider his efforts to ensure Jolie and the children have every financial advantage to be a bribe, he is also seeking a more balanced custodial agreement. So far, Jolie has not yielded on her child custody stance.

Certainly, most Ohio couples do not have the financial assets of Pitt and Jolie. However, when coming to a divorce agreement over child custody and the splitting of the assets they do have, their need for legal representation is the same. Clients can have peace of mind knowing an experienced attorney will keep their interests in mind as an acceptable agreement is negotiated.

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