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Bitter child custody battle for Tyrese Gibson

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Child Custody

Ohio parents who have been in the midst of an acrimonious child custody battle know it can affect many areas of their lives. Job performance can suffer, finances may be drained and health complications can arise. Actor Tyrese Gibson recently underwent medical observation after complaining of chest pains after his latest court appearance regarding child custody of his 10-year-old daughter.

A report stated Gibson was tested in a local hospital after complaining about chest pains and dehydration. Two sources, both allegedly close to the situation, gave differing observations. One says his ex-wife, Norma, hopes he is ok because their daughter needs him in her life. However, the other says this is just a tactic to manipulate the outcome of the hearing.

Accusations of child abuse by his ex-wife have led to an investigation of Gibson by the Department of Family and Children Services. Norma Gibson claims her ex beat their daughter so badly that she was not able to sit down. Not only does she want sole physical and legal custody of the girl, but she also wants a permanent restraining order against Gibson because she is afraid he will move her out of the country. Gibson says she has made those claims because she is jealous he found someone new after their marriage ended.

Some divorced parents maintain such an amicable relationship that they are able to negotiate and maintain a formal child custody agreement without the need for court intervention. However, there are also many former couples who do not get along as well. No matter the relationship, an attorney experienced in Ohio family law can create a plan that will put the needs of the child at the forefront and will ultimately be beneficial to all.

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