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Woman tries to hide lotto winnings in divorce case

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Divorce

In a number of divorce proceedings, assets as well as debts are to be split between the couple. Sometimes the split is even and sometimes not, but the court expects full disclosure of any and all assets held by both parties. Ohio residents who are contemplating divorce may be interested to hear the story of one woman and what she thought she was getting away with.

The woman and five coworkers split the winnings of a $6.6 million lotto jackpot, but she did not want to share any of her portion with her husband of 25 years. Eleven days after she won just over $1.3 million, she asked her husband for a divorce. Not only did she not inform him of her windfall, she also did not divulge her secret to the court. She had her annual installments sent to her mother’s address as part of her evasion tactic.

However, two years after the divorce, an errant letter revealed her indiscretion. A return to court netted the ex-husband an award of $1.3 million. While he was happy over the court’s decision, he had been stunned by her request for a divorce at the time. He felt they had been extremely happy, even claiming they had shared a toothbrush during the marriage. His attorney pointed out that honesty is the best policy when disclosing information to be used in a court of law.

It may be tempting to conceal required information during divorce proceedings, but it is not wise. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to discover things about a person he or she would prefer to keep private. A reputable attorney will ensure his or her client gives an Ohio judge the needed information in order to render a fair judgement.

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