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2 states weigh in on child custody battle

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Child Custody

Child custody battles between two Ohio parents can get extremely frustrating. However, when the parents are fighting the state for custody, the battle may seem insurmountable at times. The child custody battle over a 4-year-old girl between her aunt and uncle and the state in which she was born is finally over.

The reason the little girl was sent by child welfare officials in her home state to her aunt and uncle in another state were not given, but at the time, there was reason to believe her new foster parents would eventually seek to adopt her. After a year, her home state made the decision to move her back to live with a foster family who had her younger brother, whom she had never seen. Her foster parents hired attorneys in both states to fight the decision, leading to a ruling by a judge in their state that they had the right to adopt the little girl.

The girl’s home state chose to fight that ruling but earlier this month she was legally allowed to remain with her aunt and uncle. A spokeswoman for child services in the home state would not give any specific information on the conclusion of the case but stated the department weighs all the factors and tries to do the best thing for the child in all cases. The girl’s grandmother was said to be elated at the final decision.

Any child custody battle requires sound legal representation. It is even more necessary when a state agency is the giant a couple is attempting to slay. There are attorneys in Ohio who have a thorough knowledge of the family laws of the state and who will work to present a strong case when representing their clients in court.

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