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Once-happy couple going through contentious divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Divorce

Ohio residents who have gone through the process of a divorce know it is not an easy procedure, no matter how amicable the split may be. All too often, the problems in the marriage prohibit clear thinking when terms of the divorce are being decided. The divorce of one couple is being played out in the public eye because of his former and her present position as an elected county official.

The two had met when he served in his duty as the Clerk of Court and she worked as a clerk in his office — a job she quit when they married four years ago. A year and a half later and after 16 years in that position, he retired. He then helped her campaign to replace him, which she won.

There seemed to be nothing but happiness in their marriage until a few months after she took office. Now she has leveled claims of dementia on his part, and he is accusing her of stealing money from him, although she says the same about him. She has asked that her pursuit of guardianship over him be moved to another county, as his reputation in their home county may decrease her chances of winning her case. He says other members of his family can help him manage his affairs.

Going through a divorce can be scary and frustrating. It may be difficult to recognize the right path to take. No matter the source of contention on either side, an Ohio divorce attorney can help a person make sense out of the chaos and confusion, and create a plan on which both parties can agree.

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