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Comedian Mike Epps and ex define terms of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Divorce

There are usually a number of financial issues to work through when an Ohio couple goes through a divorce. Spousal and child support, division of assets and even division of debts accrued during the marriage all need to be addressed, if they are applicable. Comedian Mike Epps and his ex-wife, Chenelle, have come to an agreement over the fiscal aspects of their divorce.

Epps and Chenelle met 14 years ago on a movie set and married three years later. His filing for divorce after 10 years of marriage came as a surprise to Chenelle, and she claims that another woman was his motivation. As in so many separations these days, social media was a major factor in the dissolution of their marriage.

Chenelle Epps will get $25,000 each month in spousal support for the next several years. She also gets a portion of the royalties he has earned from several of the movies in which he has starred. The couple has two children together for which Epps will pay $15,000 per month for child support and in tuition for the private school they attend.

Going through a divorce can bring forth a range of emotions to the people closest to the situation. An uncertainty of what lies ahead without a partner of several years can keep a person from considering all factors when working toward a settlement. There are legal professionals in Ohio who can assist in making unbiased decisions that can often be overlooked by those who may have understandably let their feelings get in the way.

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