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Audrina Patridge seeks divorce from husband of 10 months

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Divorce

It is said people never really know each other until they live together. When two people marry and find they are not compatible, divorce is imminent. Ohio residents may be interested in hearing that reality TV star Audrina Patridge has not only filed for divorce but also for a child abduction prevention order and a temporary restraining order against husband Corey Bohan, a professional BMX dirt bike rider.

Although the two had been dating intermittently since 2008, they did not marry until November 2016 after the birth of their daughter. Patridge has stated the reason for the split is due to Bohan’s explosive temper and emotional abuse. She has temporarily moved into her parents’ house but is wanting Bohan out of the house she purchased before they were married.

Bohan says the restraining order is only for her current residence, his argument being that is the home of her parents and not the house the two had shared until recently. The way their prenuptial agreement is worded lays her claim to the house she owns. They have both given accounts of a recent endeavor during which Patridge, her father and her brother went to the house and found cameras throughout, which is a violation of the restraining order. Bohan claimed they had come to harass him.

A messy divorce can take its toll on everyone involved. A majority of the time, help is needed to separate emotion from the facts of the situation. An attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in Ohio will be able to represent his or her client to work toward a fair and equitable solution.

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