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Man awaits decision in child custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Child Custody

An Ohio judge has many considerations when deciding upon the most appropriate course of action in a child custody case. The most important factor, however, is what is best for the child involved. A recent child custody case entails a man claiming to be the father of an abandoned baby.

An hours-old newborn was found alone and abandoned on the sidewalk outside of an apartment complex. The baby was naked and covered with ants. Investigators found the umbilical cord had not been cut as in a normal delivery, but had been ripped off, resulting in a bacterial infection.

In a Texas courtroom, a man came forth claiming to be the child’s father. He willingly submitted to a DNA test and is seeking custody of the child. At the time of a report on the case, the results of the test had not been revealed. The maternal grandmother has requested custody, as well. The baby has been temporarily placed in the custody of Child Protective Services, and a caseworker will be visiting the man’s home to make sure the environment is acceptable for raising a child.

Every child deserves to be in a safe, loving environment with parents who can provide that kind of care. A court-appointed person will usually take time to carefully evaluate all family members who will be living in the home as well as friends who will have frequent contact with the child through interviews, home visits and sometimes psychological testing. An Ohio attorney with family law experience can ensure the interests of a client are properly represented in a child custody proceeding while advocating for a favorable result consistent with the child’ best interests.

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