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Couple says they lost child custody because of IQ scores

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Child Custody

Before their first child is born, most Ohio parents wonder if they have what it takes to raise their children to be productive members of society. However, those insecurities usually have nothing to do with how intellectually gifted they may or may not be, nor would they ever dream they would be fighting a child custody battle over that issue. The ruling of one state has left a couple struggling in their fight to win a child custody war.

While most people’s IQ is somewhere between 90 and 110, the score for both parents is closer to 70. They say both their children have been taken from them based on a perceived disability because of their IQ level. The state claims neither parent has sufficient ability to raise his or her children in a safe, secure environment, but it also says it takes more than IQ levels into consideration in cases like this.

The battle began four years ago just days after their first son was born. A friend reported the couple to authorities, claiming neglect. The second son was taken from them before they had a chance to leave the hospital. The Department of Human Services has mandated the parents take CPR, nutrition and parenting classes, among others, which they have done. Yet, there has been no move to return the children to their parents.

A former volunteer with Child Protective Services stated she never witnessed any cognitive or behavioral actions that would necessitate the couple having their children taken from them. She is now fighting on behalf of the couple in an effort to regain custody, and she says the two have gone above and beyond any requirement DHS has set before them. No matter how frustrating, however, the parents said they will not give up.

There are many factors in play in a state-versus-parent child custody situation. Finding an experienced family law attorney to represent the interests of the parents is imperative when seeking to regain custody. There are attorneys available who know the laws of Ohio and who will fight for a secure family unit.

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