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Ben Vereen seeks divorce from first wife a second time

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Divorce

In most cases, ending a marriage is tough for an Ohio couple. At least one partner goes through the span of emotions, from denial and anger to, finally, acceptance. So, who can forget that they have been through that? It seems long-time entertainer Ben Vereen and his ex-wife both forgot they went through a divorce many years ago.

Vereen and Andrea Townsley married in 1965 when they were both still teenagers. In 1972, Ben filed for divorce before he moved to Los Angeles and believed the action had been finalized. Townsley contacted him two years ago and told him they were still married, information disclosed by the Social Security Administration when she had applied for benefits.

Vereen subsequently sued for divorce a second time, stating his attorney in 1972 never followed up with the court to make sure the divorce was actually granted. However, after his own diligent search, Townsley’s attorney found the finalized divorce decree that had been granted in 1974. Townsley then requested $63,000 from Vereen to pay for the legal fees his second request cost her. The presiding judge, after questioning how both parties could forget they had gone through a divorce all those years ago leading to such a costly second lawsuit, considered the income of both parties and ordered Vereen to pay a sum of $10,000, giving an August 15 deadline.

Records are more easily accessible this day and age. It would not be too hard to find the court’s verdict in a divorce or any other case for those who may have doubts. An Ohio attorney can be of invaluable assistance should there be confusion pertaining to a person’s legal history.

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