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Divorce of Vanderpump Rules star is finalized

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Divorce

When a marriage is just not working and an Ohio couple decides to divorce, each party have many questions. They need to figure out who gets what in terms of property, assets, children and even pets. Fans of Vanderpump Rules who have been following Scheana Marie and her ex, Mike Shay, may be interested to learn about some of the terms of their divorce.

The couple decided to part ways, purportedly over Mike’s drug use. Although he had apparently worked on sobriety for several months, Scheana claims his relapse is what compelled her to move forward with the divorce, for which she filed late in 2016. At that time, Mike insisted to his Instagram followers that he was no longer dependent on drugs.

Court documents show that neither has to pay spousal support, but Scheana does have to pay Mike a sum of $50,000 because she kept the majority of the marital assets. She was able to keep two vehicles, her checking and retirement accounts while he kept one vehicle and his business. The two have been friends for 15 years and plan to remain so outside the boundaries of marriage as they move on with their lives.

Ending a relationship is rarely not easy, and even an amicable divorce holds an element of sadness. When there are possessions to be divided, a couple often needs some direction regarding the best way to handle the distribution. An Ohio attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the laws of the state will be able to assist those who are going through this difficult time.

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