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Celebrity couple comes to agreeable terms in divorce settlement

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Divorce

Ohio residents who have gone through a divorce know it is not always easy to agree on the particulars of a settlement. One celebrity couple, however, seems to have established the terms of their divorce in a cooperative spirit and without much animosity. Singer and reality television personality Towanda Braxton-Carter and her husband, author Andre Carter, have decided to end their marriage of 12 years.

The two met in a nightclub and married in 2004. Although Mrs. Braxton-Carter did not file for divorce until last year, the two had actually been separated for nearly two years prior. She claimed irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the filing.

The terms of the divorce are fairly simple. The custody of their two children is to be shared, both physically and legally, and child support will not be paid by either parent, even though Mrs. Braxton-Carter makes well more than the earnings of her ex husband. There will be no alimony paid, and each will keep the current financial assets he or she possesses; the exception being his car, which is in her name, will be transferred to his ownership. There is also a clause that calls for no illegal drug use or the abuse of alcohol while in the presence of the children.

Many people have no idea how to proceed once they have made the decision to file for divorce. Even a conciliatory agreement between two people benefits from a careful review by an attorney. One who is knowledgeable of the family laws of Ohio will be able to spot any conditions that may raise red flags to a judge or cause problems after the final decree is signed.

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