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Wealthy couple finally agree on terms of divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Divorce

The end of an Ohio marriage can be amicable, but more often than not, there is contention between the two parties. The division of funds, property and other assets, as well as decisions concerning any children can extend a divorce dispute from months to years. A well-known property developer and his ex-wife, a plastic surgeon to celebrities, have finalized their divorce agreement to conclude their eight-year marriage.

Bruce Ratner, 72 and worth approximately $400 million, and his ex-wife, Dr. Pamela Lipkin, 65, had an intense few months as they tried to iron out the details of their settlement. The two were married in 2008 after Ratner bought them a luxurious apartment in which to reside. A report did not specify the reasons why Lipkin filed for divorce last July but related they are both satisfied with the final agreement.

In coming to amicable terms, the couple chose to avoid a trial and solved the problems at hand with their attorneys present. Although Mr. Ratner opposed the divorce initially, at one time filing a motion claiming Lipkin had defaulted, his attorney stated it was a relief to all that the legal actions were concluded. A judge approved the terms after he received the final submission.

To admit a bond as strong as marriage is not working is not easy. It can leave one or both parties with a variety of emotions that can hinder clear thinking when hammering out the terms of a divorce agreement. Finding an experienced family law attorney in Ohio who knows the laws and local court procedures can help guarantee that all legal bases are covered.

Source: New York Daily News, “Real estate magnate Ratner reaches divorce deal with wife Lipkin“, Molly Crane-Newman and Nancy Dillon, April 21, 2017

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