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Divorce granted to son of former Vice President

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Divorce

There are many reasons an Ohio marriage might end. Two people who were once very much in love might decide they no longer share the same interests. One, or both, might have found love with another person. Sometimes, two people divorce because they just do not want to be together anymore. The divorce between Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and his wife was recently finalized.

Mrs. Biden filed for divorce in December 2016 after the two had been separated for over a year. In the courtroom for the judge’s final decree, she shed tears as she disclosed that she and her husband were living completely independent lives and had been for six months prior. She did not see a reconciliation happening between them.

Mr. Biden was not in the courtroom during the proceedings but was reportedly with the woman he has recently revealed as his romantic partner, the widow of his late brother, Hallie Biden. The terms on which the Bidens have agreed — concerning their divorce — were not disclosed, but they did include custody provisions for their minor child. While Mr. Biden wanted joint custody, Mrs. Biden had requested she be granted sole custody. Their agreement also included financial support amounts and property division.

Very seldom is a divorce stress-free for those involved. The hurt, anger and bitterness that often accompany a separation can cloud judgement and interfere with sound decision-making. A skilled Ohio attorney can be a great asset in helping make difficult choices when dealing with finances, other assets and treasured children.

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