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Hollywood couple headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | Divorce

An Ohio resident cannot read too many entertainment publications, either online or in print, that tell of yet another celebrity couple announcing they plan to end their marriage. The bigger the “star,” the juicier the details of the divorce seem to be. Although the divorce for actor Keegan-Michael Key and his wife has not yet been finalized, Cynthia Blaise says it has caused her extreme distress.

The couple had been married for 17 years when Key filed for divorce in December 2015. A separation between the two only began a month before the papers were submitted. While Key works mainly in front of the camera, Ms. Blaise is a dialect coach for the movie industry.

Ms. Blaise says she is undergoing financial as well as health complications since the two separated. She claims she is suffering with PTSD and is depressed and anxious. She is allegedly taking as many as five medications to help her cope with her problems. On the fiscal front, she is requesting spousal support from Key and wants their assets and legal costs to be split equally between them.

Many Ohio couples going through a divorce suffer similar emotional, physical and financial difficulties. When in that state, it may be hard to separate the pain and anguish from the realities of the situation. Often, an impartial attorney can be someone who will be able to oversee the legal aspects of the case as well as be a source of reason and support to put a concerned mind at ease.

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