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Dean McDermott’s ex wants spousal support she says he owes

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Alimony

Ohio couples that have gone through a divorce know there are many financial decisions that have to be made in the course of obtaining a final decree. One of the most significant concerns is spousal support. Some couples are economically equal and opt to not pursue an award from the court. Other soon-to-be ex spouses seek a decision that will allow them to maintain their standard of living or simply to make ends meet. The ex-wife of Dean McDermott, who is currently married to Tori Spelling, is taking him back to court for not paying spousal support.

Mary Jo Eustace was married to McDermott for 13 years and together they had one son, Jack, who is now 18 years old. Ms. Eustace claims she has not been paid support since July of last year. There was also an earlier period of time when he did not make payments he was required to have made. She says he owes her just over $100,000 and expects to be paid each month until the middle of 2020. News of a lavish baby shower Ms. Spelling’s mother threw for the fifth child between McDermott and Spelling further incited the ire of Ms. Eustace.

In addition to expecting another child, the couple has money problems of their own. They are facing lawsuits by a bank for an amount close to $200,000 on a loan from four years ago as well as by American Express for a balance of over $100,000 on a platinum credit card. McDermott had no input on a report about the support he owes, but he has a court date set for early March.

If a spouse is seeking spousal support from his or her ex, there are several issues the court takes into consideration. A few would be the financial situation of both parties, the length of the marriage and the age of each spouse. As each state has its own factors, it is beneficial to find an experienced Ohio attorney who will give advice that best suits individual situations.

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