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Tarek El Moussa seeks spousal support from Christina

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Alimony

Ohio fans of one of HGTV’s most popular shows, Flip or Flop, have no doubt heard of the impending divorce between the two stars, Tarek and Christina El Moussa. What those fans may not know, however, is that Tarek is the one seeking spousal support. In most divorce proceedings, it is the wife requesting the spousal support from the husband. That leaves people wondering why Tarek might be making this move.

Some think Tarek may just be strategizing if the assets held by the two are somewhat equal. However, if Christina is found to have holdings independent of those they hold jointly, thus making her income higher than his, his request for maintenance might allow him to acquire some of those holdings in a settlement. This would especially be true if her assets grew as a result of their joint business efforts. If the division of assets was intentionally not evenly split from the outset of their business venture together, something that is often done for corporate reasons, the request may be the typical way to balance things out.

Tarek will have to wait for a judge to consider his request, as well as any other petitions the two may present to the court. Despite any final decisions they make, they are dedicated to being good parents to their two children and want to do what is best for them. At this time they are also planning to maintain the house-flipping empire they created together.

Spousal support is not the same thing as child support and is typically paid to the spouse who was financially dependent in the marriage. There are several factors upon which this type of support depends as well as tax concerns for both the one who pays and the one who receives maintenance.  For a more comprehensive look at the laws specific to Ohio, an attorney with considerable experience in divorce procedures is an invaluable investment.

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