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The intricacies of divorce later in life

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is a serious, life-changing step, no matter the age or financial standing of an Ohio couple. Many couples are now choosing to divorce later in life, which brings to light the complexities of this legal process for two people over the age of 50. Each divorce is different, but a grey divorce typically comes with unique financial challenges.

In a grey divorce, it is possible that the couple has been married for most of their adult lives. Decades of accumulated marital property and retirement savings can make property division particularly complex. With a limited amount of time left to rebuild financial security after divorce, it is critical that these matters be approached with a realistic view of the future in sight.

Every divorce is different. The issues that may be hotly contested in one case may be inconsequential in the next. If a person over the age of 50 is facing the prospect of divorce, it can be a wise choice to seek a legal opinion regarding options and expectations before moving forward with the legal process. A person has the right to seek a happy, stable life after marriage, no matter their age at the time of divorce.

Grey divorce can be complicated, but it can be effectively navigated with the help of an experienced Ohio family law attorney. Age should not dictate happiness, even for a couple who have been married for decades. Every divorce is different, but lawyer can provide perspective on a person’s unique situation after a complete case evaluation.

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