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Judge grants emergency child custody to Ohio father

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Child Custody

Few things are scarier to a parent or community than a missing child.  Child custody arrangements and decisions can vary so greatly from one family to another that it is difficult for law enforcement officers to know how to proceed in cases that could qualify as parental abduction. A recent case in Ohio brings this issue to light.

According to authorities, a young mother vanished with her 22-month-old son in the first week of March. Though she left a note, she did not speak to the child’s father prior to leaving. She also turned off her cell phone. After many attempts to locate her and her son without success, a Warren County judge granted the father emergency custody of his missing son.  Despite this, police do not believe this situation meets the criteria for an Amber Alert.

The most concerning factor is that the mother and son may be in the company of another man who was convicted of misdemeanor assault against the toddler. He has a no-contact order with regard to the child. Authorities have not been able to confirm his whereabouts at this time.

When two parents share child custody or are co-parenting, it is essential that they communicate regularly and clearly to ensure issues like this do not arise.  When they do, it’s vital that each side have adequate legal representation so that either parent can move quickly and nimbly in a time of crisis.  An Ohio lawyer can equip parents in the best way possible in case they need to make quick decisions in urgent situations.

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