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Medical marijuana and the impact on child custody cases

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Child Custody

As Ohio readers know, medical marijuana is legal in a few states with a valid prescription, but it is still prohibited in many other states. When medical marijuana crosses state lines, it can result in many legal complications, including a possible impact on child custody cases. A U.S. military veteran recently learned this after his kids were taken from him and his wife over his use of medical marijuana. 

The man carries a valid prescription for medical marijuana in a state where it is legal. He uses it to treat PTSD and chronic pain that he endures from his time in the military. The man and his wife left their children with a relative while they returned to a state where medicinal cannabis is legal in order to prepare to move there. They hoped to start a farm to grow medical marijuana for fellow retired service men and women who could benefit from cannabis.

While the children were with a family member, the parents were reported to child services. The children were taken into custody due to fears that they were at risk for exposure to or consumption of medical cannabis. The parents are now fighting to regain custody of five of their children.

When Ohio parents are facing particularly complicated custody cases, it is important to seek the assistance of a lawyer who knows how to navigate sensitive and unusual circumstances. A legal ally can ensure that parental rights are protected while seeking the best outcome for the entire family. If parents have concerns about how medical marijuana could affect their child custody rights, they should seek a case evaluation as soon as possible.

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