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Divorce cases typically increase after the first of the new year

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2016 | Divorce

In Ohio and elsewhere, some married people wait until the holiday season is over before filing for divorce. Many choose to have one more family gathering or celebration before divorce forever changes the family dynamic, waiting until the new year to move forward with the legal process. Consequently, there is a noticeable increase in divorce applications in the month of January.

A person who waited to file for divorce may feel emotionally frustrated by the holiday season, but there are steps that can be taken in order to survive this stressful time. It may be tempting to move, purchase a new home or make other important decisions, but significant financial changes can have an impact on a divorce settlement. Consulting with a lawyer before making a major decision simply makes good sense.

Social media serves an important purpose, but it is not an appropriate place to express frustration with a spouse or the terms of a divorce settlement. Disclosing personal information online can be used by the other party in litigation. Anything that could be used to support your case should be protected. Do not dispose of any evidence or documentation that might be relevant during the divorce proceeding.

Divorce proceedings are complex, and it can be hard to work through the issues that must be resolved before the process is final. With the help of a lawyer, it is possible to put aside emotions and make decisions based on a sustainable, beneficial future. Now that the holidays are over, those considering these issues in Ohio can learn more by seeking a complete case evaluation. 

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