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Protect financial interests in case of an eventual divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Divorce

Ohio readers who are facing a divorce or who are already engaged in the process know that financial matters are some of the most complex to navigate. Nevertheless, there are ways to protect financial interests in the event of a subsequent divorce. This is typically accomplished through the execution of a formal prenuptial agreement. 

The importance of having a valid prenuptial agreement is illustrated by the public divorce of actress Kelly Cuoco and tennis pro Ryan Sweeting. Cuoco makes significantly more than her husband, who is now seeking spousal support. While it is not uncommon for the lesser earning spouse to seek financial support, a prenuptial agreement may protect Cuoco from any financial obligation for spousal support to Sweeting. 

A carefully drafted prenuptial agreement is a wise course of action for people of any income level. These agreements typically outline how marital assets will be divided in case of a divorce and if financial support will be given. In this state, any such must be drafted and executed in a manner that fully complies with the laws of Ohio.

It remains to be seen if Sweeting has a valid claim to financial support from Cuoco. Depending on the circumstances, an experienced family law lawyer can assist a client in contesting a prenuptial agreement or seeking to enforce terms. When these agreements are drafted correctly, it can help an individual protect valuable assets in a divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement is not planning to divorce, but rather is often seen as an important insurance policy in the event that a divorce does occur. 

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